18 Nutrition Myths That You Must Stop Believing

Growing Younger Nutrition Myths

As a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach, It’s my job to bring you the best information as soon as I can around exercise, nutrition, injury rehab, and to essentially help you grow younger and live a long and healthy life…

So this post, Courtesy of Examine.com outlines 18 nutrition Myths that are rife, and are really holding you back.

You’d think that, as time goes on, there would be fewer nutrition myths for us to tackle.

Unfortunately, the internet is rife with misinformation, and it can be really difficult to tell what’s evidence-based without reading the original research yourself.

Myths that were previously passed through word-of-mouth in gyms and health clubs now spread like wildfire through social media, blogs, and even established media. Between a 24-hour news cycle, studies that are both long and difficult to read, and journalists scrambling for the latest viral hit, information often gets published without being verified.

As an educational organization that looks only at the evidence, we’ve taken the time to identify the top 18 nutrition myths that just won’t die. At the end of each section you’ll find a link to a page that further explores the topic and provides references

Table of Contents:

Myth 1: Carbs are bad for you

Myth 2: Fats are bad for you

Myth 3: Protein is bad for you

Myth 4: Egg yolks are bad for you

Myth 5: Red meat is bad for you

Myth 6: Salt is bad for you

Myth 7: Bread is bad for you

White bread vs. whole-wheat bread

Myth 8: HFCS is far worse than sugar

Myth 9: Fresh is more nutritious than frozen

Myth 10: Foods are always superior to supplements

Myth 11: Dietary supplements are necessary

Myth 12: You should eat “clean”

Myth 13: You should “detox” regularly

Myth 14: Eat more often to boost your metabolism

Myth 15: You need to eat breakfast

Myth 16: To lose fat, don’t eat before bed

Myth 17: To lose fat, do your cardio on an empty stomach

Myth 18: You need protein right after your workout

Misinformation in the Mainstream

Evidence-Based Information

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  1. I appreciate the thought of providing us these list. This article will be of good use to us. Just to let you know, some of these myths are true and proven effective.

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