Learn How a 50 Year Old Growing Younger Client Lost 45kgs, Stopped Smoking, Reclaimed her Life, and Became A Personal Trainer

Growing Younger Penny Weight

A Growing Younger Case Study. Meet Penny Meet a 50 year old female lost 45 kg’s because she literally on the brink of a major health crisis, and didn’t want to head down the same path as some of her family members.

She managed to improve all areas of her health & fitness to become biologically younger and qualify as a personal trainer.

She faced the same struggles as we all do, around time and injuries, but the Growing Younger Programme literally changed her life.

  • Age: 50
  • Smoker
  • New to exercise
  • Age related issues: Arthritis in the knees, Obesity, High Blood Pressure
  • Start Biological Age:  60
  • Biological Age Now: 50
  • Weight Loss: 45 kgs
  • Total Workouts to date: 456

Growing Younger Programme Penny Transformation

When Penny signed up to the Growing Younger Programme she was very overweight and struggled with anything physical; she easily became out of breath and struggled with knee and back issues related to carrying too much weight.

Penny found it extremely hard to get to the gym and the plans she was given were generic and not geared for her success. Penny had very little confidence and had very low self-esteem. She used to eat lots of unhealthy foods and she was a smoker. This was a lethal cocktail and she was struggling every day.

This was a very hard cycle to break and as a result she suffered anxiety attacks.

Penny wanted to be a healthy person; to be fit and to overcome her anxiety and low self-esteem but she just couldn’t.

Penny decided that enough was enough and that she needed to take action if she wanted to change her life.

However Penny battled with finding time to exercise, had a huge lack of knowledge around health and fitness, and having the motivation to stick to a programme.

All of these issues were directly linked to lack of self-confidence, she didn’t believe that she was capable of making a change.

This is a common occurrence when faced with a huge obstacle.

Penny decided to put her fears and reservations aside and took action.

Penny heard about the Growing Younger (GY) Programme and this was the new opportunity she needed and she signed up.

She met with Alex the GY physio, who put her through a series of assessments which determined her biological age along with a comprehensive body assessment to check for any weaknesses and / or injuries.

This information was passed to Gavyn the GY personal trainer, and soon to be qualified Functional Aging Specialist and with this information a unique exercise programme was designed for her.

Penny began to weigh herself and exercise frequently and she began to see her weight fall. It has been falling at a constant rate of about 1-1.5kg per week for 16 weeks. As you  can see she has lost a lot of weight and Kept it off!!


Growing Younger Penny Weight


This gave her the confidence to keep going and with her knee and back getting stronger her confidence began to soar. Her clothes became looser, she was fitter, stronger and more confident than she had ever been.

This is Penny holding the weight she has lost. (At the time it was 34kgs)

Penny hit obstacles along the way and they were mainly nutritional, but she also had a nasty fall and injured her knee.

A lot of people would give up, but the GY team supported her, changed her programme to suit her needs and she kept going.

Her confidence literally soared!

Her growing confidence gave her the ability to tackle another challenge…to stop smoking.

She applied the same approach and now armed with a great mindset, stopped smoking and has done for good.

Penny not only met her original goals, but has surpassed them and is still losing weight and getting healthier day by day.

What’s amazing is that in the space of 9 months she has gone from having anxiety attacks and serious health concerns to studying to be a Personal Trainer through NZIF. (Its now been nearly two years on the programme) 

She is a completely transformed person and is on her way to being able to help people like herself who feel hopeless.

Penny has decreased her heart rate after a fitness test to 40 bpm, meaning her heart and cardiovascular (CV) system is more efficient and has less stress placed on it, reducing her blood pressure, and risk of CV disease.

Penny has literally Grown Younger during this journey and will live a longer, healthier and more fulfilled life than her years leading up to this.

You can watch her story below

The growing Younger Programme is the only one of its kind in New Zealand and we specalise in helping people age strategically. Long gone are the days where you can go for a run and lose weight and get fit.

You actually need a strategy and programme unique to you and that’s what we do at Growing Younger. If you would like to speak to one of the team and to see if we can help you get the similar results to Terry, had then please fill out the form below and one of the team will be in touch within 36 hours.

At the end of the day your quality of life depends on it. What kind of improvement in your life do you think these results would make for you?

I hope that Penny has inspired you to take control of your health and look forward to meeting you soon.

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