Growing Younger Expert Interview: How To Treat Bunions Without Surgery.

Growing Younger Bunion

How to treat bunions without surgery and what exactly are they?

Well we have an expert interview with a registered New Zealand podiatrist based in Howick, Auckland.

Bunions appear as an excessive curvature and swelling at the base of your big toe and can become very painful especially if you’re an active person and spend a lot of time on your feet.

During this live interview/video you will discover: –

  • What are bunions and what causes them? –
  • Are bunions hereditary? –
  • What’s the difference between bunion, corn, gout and arthritis? –
  • How to address bunions successfully without surgery? –
  • Can bunions be reversed? –
  • How to avoid bunions? –
  • When is surgery indicated? –
  • What types of surgery are available and what to expect after surgery?


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