Beginner Knee Exercises For People Over 45 – Part 1

Beginner Knee Exercise

This video is a must for people who need beginner knee exercises.

Hey Its gavyn here from the Growing Younger Fitrness Studio based in Howick New Zealand. I’m a certified Personal Trainer , functional ageing specialist and nutrition coach.

I’m the co founder of the growing younger programme which is the Gold Standard for health and fitness for people over 45 years old.

I have personally lost over 20kgs and have recovered fron 8 knee operations the last one being a high tibial osteotomy.

I have rehabbed myself with the help of our co founder Alex who’s a very experienced physio in howick .

We help people over the age of 45 who are struggling with their health and fitness and have or are on the verge of some kind of lifestyle related disease, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, cardio vascular problems or some kind of injury. (there are some video of our clients at the bottom of this post)

In this video, we discuss ‘Beginner Knee Strengthening Exercise for people over 45’ because a lot of people in this age group have painful knees, from surgery, age related issues such as arthritis.

I demonstrate 3 exercises that can help you build up your leg strength to better support the knee.

1. The Wall Sit

2. The Standing to Sitting Squat

3. Banded Leg Extension

These three exercises are extremely useful to helping you recover from knee pain and to build up your knee and leg strength.

It’s so important to keep your legs strong because leg strength declines 2 x faster than upper body which means if you you neglect this you will not be able to do things you love.

As discussed in the video, here is the link to the knee support.

If you would like a copy of our book, we are giving 5 away for free every month, so click on the link (Please note there is a small shipping fee)

If you would like to know more about the Growing Younger Programme there is an expression of interest form.

Have a great day and leave comment to let us know how you got on with the exercises For some testimonials from our clients click here:

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