Waking up stiff in the morning?

 Discover How to STOP Joint Stiffness in Just 15 minutes Per Day 3 Times Per Week..

Finally... the Ultimate Solution to YOUR Stiff and Aching Body...

There’s nothing worse than waking up in the morning stiff and uncomfortable.  It's like someone has tightened up your body with a screw driver and it takes you ages to get moving.

It’s a struggle to bend down to put your shoes on because of your tight hamstrings and your back is screaming because it’s so stiff.

I know how it feels, it’s exhausting, and it seems like it takes you 3 coffees and half the morning before you warm up to be able to tackle the day.

We always put it down to age and kind of accept it…..but you don’t have to live like this


You shouldn't have to live like this...


We know how much pain you are in, so Gavyn and I have come together and designed a programme called "The Growing Younger Flexibility and Mobility Programme" that you can do just 3 times a week in just 15 minutes per session, with zero equipment other than a towel.

It’s the first time we have put together a flexibility programme and we can’t believe why we didn’t think of it before….but hey, no one is perfect ;-)

The programme is just 4 weeks long and we will work on the main stiff points of your body with just 6 Stretch and Mobility Drills to be done once a day.

And it will start on the 1st March 2019… We will address these areas of your body...

  • Neck Mobility – This will help you unlock the stiffness in your neck and help relieve tension, improve your balance and perhaps it may even improve your mood. 
  • Shoulder Mobility – There is nothing worse than a stiff shoulder and even putting on a jacket can be painful. This stretch and mobility drill will help you unlock the joint to allow your shoulders to move freely without pain.
  • Upper Back – we spend so much time sitting and slouching in front of a computer and TV and the upper back and neck hold a lot of tension. This stretch and mobility drill will unlock the mid- and upper back (also known as thoracic spine) and it will literally feel you have the weight of the world lifted off your shoulders.
  • Lower back – This is a pain point for a lot of people and something we can empathise with. As soon as you start unlocking and mobilising your lower back, you can bend down easily and freely and you just feel amazing. You get that long-forgotten feeling of being young again.
  • Hips/Glutes/Hamstrings – We all tend to have tight glutes, hips and hamstrings, and this is a by-product of sitting and driving a lot. When you start to loosen and mobilse this area you often can get a huge decrease in lower back pain.
  • Hip Flexors – Hip flexors are another pain point and when you can unlock them nothing but good things can come.
  • So this 15 minute circuit of stretches and mobility drills will literally help you get going in the morning twice as fast as normal and within a month you will feel like you have a new body! Hey it will make you feel 10 years younger! 

 You will get expert help from the top-notch fitness professionals

Gavyn has helped high level athletes with injuries and sprains rehab from injury and get back to the top of their game or to the top of their health.

Stefanie is a NZ white socks catcher 

“I’ve always been an athlete and into sports, but when I first met Gavyn I was a little hesitant in pushing myself as I was recovering from a concussion.  I’m a former USA College Softball player and my big goal this year was to make the New Zealand White Sox National Softball team, to compete in the ISF World Championships in Canada July 2016. I’ve been training with Gavyn for over a year now, and he has helped me accomplish my goal and I am now a NZ white Sox catcher. He really knows his stuff and I honestly am so grateful for all of his help throughout my journey.  And it’s not going to stop, we’re still training together as I prepare to play in the World Series!

Jennifer is a NZ white socks pitcher and tore her ACL.

‘I reached out to Gavyn about 6 months post ACL reconstruction. My ambition was to not only heal from my injury but to reclaim my position as a pitcher/utility player for the NZ Softball Team. Gavyn took the time to understand my injury as well as the requirements and biomechanics of a softball pitcher. Having had a knee injury himself, I felt at ease that he understood what I was feeling and how to get this 33 year old baller back up and running. Update: Thanks to Gavyn's assistance I attended my 3rd Softball World Championship! ;) On our warm up tour I hit a homerun my first at bat (in over a year). I ended up with 5 homeruns in 7 games and made the Canadian Cup tournament team. I would have never come back as strong if it weren't for Gavyn's guidance! Thanks Gavyn!! Time to start training for the Olympic Qualifiers!!! ;)

How we helped other ordinary kiwis like you achieve their health goals and dreams

Malcolm is 73 years old and has a multitude of join pain, 2 shoulder reconstructions and 2 knee replacements.

“Just over 3 years ago I had a bad accident. I managed to rupture the quadriceps tendon on both knees which took about 2 years to recover from. On top of that my GP said if my blood pressure increased any more, I'd have to start daily medication, so I wasn't happy with that. I’ve also had a total replacement of my right hip. In recent years, when I got out of bed in the morning, the hip and thigh gave me a lot of pain and stiffness and it took a long time before I could walk properly. I've just noticed recently that that no longer happens. I put it down to the fact the muscles in the thigh are so much stronger and that they support the hip more than they used to. In any case, I have no more trouble in the mornings and that's great.”

Desley is 59 years old and has been struggling with ankle pain and has nearly made a full recovery.

Gavyn easily connects with the older age group, motivating movement, healthy thinking and a 'growing younger' outlook of mind. He, is very knowledgeable, but also sympathetic to one's obstacles to change, having suffered injuries and overcome a "can't" attitude towards healthy living himself. Gavyn reminds us to keep going, whatever life throws at us, not like the unwelcome alarm each morning, but more like the calendar notification of a upcoming appointment - gentle, quiet, but there all the same”

Nearly 20 Years Combined Experience

Gavyn and Alex have a combined experience of nearly 20 years in helping people over the age of 45 rehab from injuries and adopt a healthy lifestyle. There is little they haven’t come across and little they can’t deal with.

No matter what the injury or set back they have the tools and experience to help you.

  • Gavyn is a Personal Trainer, Sports Nutrition coach and Functional Aging Specialist, which means he understand and implements specialised training methods that benefit active agers, including when to fully apply a training method versus when to modify it due to range of motion limitations, joint stability and/or cardiorespiratory conditions.
  • Alex the Principle Physiotherapist of BodyFit Physiotherapy Group has extensive experience working with top level sports teams being involved in sports rehab, musculoskeletal assessment and injury management. He has opened two Physiotherapy clinics  with emphasis on sports and spinal injuries for people over 45. alex holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Sports Medicine (Otago).
  • They have delivered seminars to literally dozens of Pakuranga and Howick residents and have, interviewed dozens of health experts and written articles for Grownups.nz which is the #1 social magazine that connects New Zealand's 50+ community.
  • They have also just published a book called “How to Look and Feel Younger Naturally: Your Ultimate Guide to Staying Functionally Fit after 50” I mean they really know their stuff.  


 This Programme Will Change Your Life  


"The Growing Younger Flexibility and Mobility Programme" will literally change your life, and your creaky stiff body will thank you for the investment you make.

Here are some of the benefits you will get for taking part in this programme. ·        

  • Better posture which lowers the stress on the spine so that you have less pain overall   
  • Better Balance so that you can do more and enjoy the activities you love. Improved balance also minimises your risks of falling and causing severe injury.
  • Stronger joints, to tackle daily life, reduce inflammation and pain.
  • Stronger and more flexible ligaments and tendons to keep you feeling loose and supple. ·        
  • Less Pain overall
  • Reduce the risk of injury and speeds up the healing process in your body so if you do hurt yourself you bounce back so much faster.

 Imagine how much different your life would be if you experienced even one of these things?  

Just imagine waking up in the morning feeling your body in-balance and full of energy ready to perform with confidence. Please don’t take our word for it though. Here is what our past clients had to say about our services:

Experts in our field


I’m sure you agree that these are some great results, and our clients are extremely happy. It’s because we care and we are experts in our field. We know that you might be in a lot of pain and need a solution, and that’s why we have developed "The Growing Younger Flexibility and Mobility Programme" It has everything you need to unlock your body to move freely and pain-free.

When a Personal Trainer/Functional Aging Specialist and a Physio come together amazing things happen for the client!


 What Do You Get?


You get 3 cutting edge educational videos explaining exactly why you are sore and why we have chosen these exercises.


  • Video 1 - The reason WHY you get stiff     
  • Video 2 – What happens to our joints as we age        
  • Video 3 – The one thing that can be influenced to make us grow younger biologically. 

We Give You The Science


In these videos we literally give you the science and method behind the aging process and the programme

  • One-to-One Coaching: You get to meet up with Alex or Gavyn at the beginning of the programme to show you the exercises and to make sure that you are able to do it. We’ll take into consideration your current ability and any issues you may have. Then at the end of the 4 weeks, we’ll re-assess you to check your results and congratulate you on your new pain-free body. These private sessions alone are worth $297.
  • Smartphone / Computer Login: You get all of the demo exercises, uploaded on to a Phone App, or your laptop / computer so that we can help monitor your progress and offer advice and support as we go. We help to keep you accountable for your progress. No one slips through the cracks with us!

IMPORTANT: You don't have to be tech-savvy to use the Phone App. It is very simple and we give you training on how to use the App. One of our 84-year old clients is currently using the App and he loves it.

  • The video demonstrations of each exercise are invaluable because they make sure you don’t forget what to do. This awesome app is worth $197

Special Bonuses


Because you are a beta group, we have decided to add in Three Special Bonus’s

  • Bonus 1A Balance Focused Training Programme. Improved balance plays a key role in our health. This bonus directly compliments the flexibility and mobility programme we have for you. You literally get to bullet proof your body and improve your balance at the same time and this Training Programme alone is worth $197
  • Bonus 2 - Access to all of our previous webinars, and expert interviews so that you can gleam the knowledge from Dr’s and experts who specialise in things like skin care, podiatry, sleep, blue light and more. This is worth $997 and is phenomenal.
  • Bonus 3A FREE copy of our new book when it’s printed …………worth $25. So the total cost of this programme is

A Quick Summary of What You Get


  • 3 Educational videos - $357 ·        
  • 2 x 1 – 1 Coaching Sesions $297 ·        
  • The Phone App and Computer access $197 ·        
  • Bonus 1 – A balance Focused Training Programme $197 ·        
  • Bonus 2 - Access to all of our previous webinars $997 ·        
  • Bonus 3 - A free copy of our new book $47 

The total cost of this beta programme is $2092

 I know it’s sounds expensive but...

  • If all that you got out of this programme was to be pain free would that be worth $2092
  • If all that you got out of this programme was less tension headaches would that be worth $2092
  • If all that you got out of this programme was to feel 10 years younger would that be worth $2092
  • If all that you got out of this programme was to speed up the healing process of your current niggles would that be worth $2092

We Aren't Going to Charge You Anything Like That!


But don’t worry, we would never expect you to pay this much for a Beta Programme, so we are literally giving this away for a one time low cost of $197, that’s literally just $6.35 per day to become less stiff and more flexible and much happier.

Very Limited Spots Available


But we only have the ability to take on 20 people. It’s all we can manage and we want to provide as much support as we can, hence the low number of spaces, and we aren’t even sure if we will run this again.

So it’s literally a first come first serve basis for a one time offer.

100% Money Back Guarantee


You have nothing to lose by investing in ‘The Growing Younger Flexibility and Mobility Programme’ and we want you to be happy with what you get and more importantly we want you to get results! So if after the programme is over, and you feel it hasn’t lived up to its promise, we will provide you with a full refund, no questions asked.

And you will get to keep the book, the webinars and the educational videos. So it’s a win-win for you.

That's right we are so sure that the programme will deliver outstanding results for you that we take all the risk from you and place it solely on ourselves. Let me repeat it again:

If in the unlikely event that at the end of the programme you feel it hasn't lived up to it's promise we will give you a full refund... no hassles!

So there is absolutely NO RISK involved for you!

Now this guarantee does come with a small and very fair condition - you must do what we advise. Nothing happens by itself. You must put some effort in to get results. Nothing in the programme is hard or exhausting. But you have to play your part in order to get results. Is that fair enough?


Don't Miss Your Spot...


So if you are interested in "The Growing Younger Flexibility and Mobility Programme" you must act now, this email has gone to over 2500 people and is being promoted on Facebook. We believe that all spots will be filled up within 48 hours.

Like I said, there are only 20 spots available….. So click on the link below and you will be taken to an expression of interest form. Fill out the details and someone will get back to you within 48 hours.


Don't Stay In PAIN


Remember if you are in pain, if you are stiff and you are just sick of it, then please take action and sign up. If you do nothing you will continue to get what you’ve always got…

Pain, discomfort, and you will keep getting stiffer and stiffer if you don’t do something about it today.

Take advantage of this rare offer and join the "The Growing Younger Flexibility and Mobility Programme" today because life is too short to be in pain!

We are looking forward to working with to have a pain free 2019!

Kind Regards,

Gavyn and Alex

PS. In case you are one of those people (like me) who skips to the end of the letter here’s the deal;

It's Just $6.35 per day


  • You will get a Full Flexibility and Mobility Programme designed by a Physiotherapist and Personal Trainer which you can do in 15 minutes per day 3 times a week.
  • You Get 2 x 1-on-1 assessments, 3 x  Bonuses and a copy of our new book!
  • The total cost of this package is over 2K, but as a limited introductory offer we are offering it to you for a rediculous amount of only $197, which is just $6.35 per day… to be less stiff and achy... and start enjoying life again.
  • GUARANTEE: Plus if you aren’t happy we will refund you 100% of the $197 and you keep the bonuses. This is a very limited offer and is only available for the first 20 people so it’s strictly first in first served.

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