Meet The Growing Younger Team

Alex, is the Principle Physio at BodyFit Physiotherapy Group and has been a Physiotherapist since 2004. He has vast experience in successfully treating people over the age of 40. Whether it be a minor sprain, or a major injury. Alex's passion and experience in human anatomy is vast and and as a result his guidance and expertise contributes to a training programme far superior to anythiung else in the area.

Gavyn is a Reps NZ Personal Trainer at Start Afresh Personal Training and Nutrtion Coaching and has been qualified for 5 years. He has extensive experience in training older adults from 40 up to 85 years old. His approach to training is to help this age demographic not only lose weight, but to move functionally despite having injuries. The result is to feel younger and feel amazing. Exercise is medicine, but sometimes the programmes that are given to this demographic are generic and not tailored to the individual. This means the programme is often innefective and causes pain and discomfort. 

What Makes The Growing Younger Programme So Special?

Alex and Gavyn combined forces to not just help people over the age of 40 but to revolutionise the way exercise and nutrition is delivered.  In so many cases, Physio Therapists and Personal Trainers never speak to one another, let alone work together. 

So when they combined their knowledge and experience, The Growing Younger Programme was born...

...A Health Coaching Programme unlike anything else in Auckland. 

In nearly 2 years the Growing Younger Team have changed the lives of dozens of people over the age of 40. Their clients have lost 100's of Kg's combined. Stopped taking medication for things like, high Blood Pressure, high cholesterol, and have been given back years on quality of life.

It doesn't matter if you have knee pain, hip pain, osteoarthritis, lifestyle related diseases, the combined knowlege of these two health professionals ensures your success.

You see, the Growing Younger Programme actually helps people become 'Younger' on a cellular level and that ensures a huge improvement in life quality and overall happiness.

After all, who doesn't want to be a few years younger!

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