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 "I have been on the Growing Younger Programme for the past 24 months, and simply I couldn’t have achieved my weight loss of 45kgs and fitness goals without the dedication, motivation and encouragement of the Growing Yonger Team and I no longer take blood pressure or Cholesterol Tablets. Gavyn is a very experienced and committed Personal Trainer and he enjoys watching his clients reach their personal health and fitness goals. He is also very knowledgeable and experienced in Nutrition. His blogs/videos are informative and educational – inspiring his clients to eat and live a healthier life" - Penny

 "I was going to the gym regularly doing my own thing.  I set myself what I thought was this amazing 101 exercises for my tummy, butt and thighs.   I had recently lost both of my parents in quick succession to cancer.  I was feeling relatively low in spirit, depressed and a bit lost.  My parents suffered a multitude of health problems and I was concerned not to follow in their footsteps.   I wanted assistance with nutrition that I could use going forward for me and my family. I have got so much more than I could ever have expected.  Cooking for the family is easy with the knowledge I have learnt from Gavyn.  Gavyn helped set some new goals going forward for health, nutrition and general well being.   I became obsessed with Gavyn’s Trainerize mobile app.  I wanted to know my results from each training session so I could improve on them next time.  I could graph my consistency and improvements. Seeing my personal best results in front of me gave me extra drive, and results happened fairly quickly.  Weight was moving and centimetres shifting with" - Nicola

 'So there I was 67 years old, 117 kgs+, minor heart condition and blood pressure medication, hadn’t trained or done any formal exercise in 20 years and decided it was time to do something about it if I wanted to enjoy life for a lot longer. What followed was a full assessment with Gavyn and associate Physiotherapist Alex to ensure all was well to train and to have the programme designed for me especially. Gavyn introduced me to a nutrition control system, something I had never seen or considered before. It was not a diet as such, more a knowledge tool and self-administered food regime, which is fun and easy. I now weigh 104.5 kgs, my biological statistics have improved dramatically, both my doctor and cardiologist are thrilled with the progress (so is Gavyn, he get’s genuine pleasure from his trainees doing well). We are half way to my 90kg goal and I know with Gavyn’s support I can make it.' - Terry

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