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"Our New Book Reveals How to Feel Younger & Stay Functionally Fit after 50..." 

Dear Friend,  

If you'd like to Feel Younger & Staying Functionally Fit after 50… regardless of your current health status, this is the most important letter you'll read today. I'll show you why in a minute...

But First... A Disclaimer

Please understand the results I'm sharing with you are not typical. I’m not implying you’ll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter). 

I have the benefit of working 1 on 1 with clients locally and online and have done for over 5 years. The average person who buys any “how to” information gets little to no results. I’m using these references for example purposes only.  

Your results will vary and depend on many factors …including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. 

All new exercise programmes have some risk when unsupervised risk and you must take take and consistent effort and action.  Achieving a healthy lifestyle is not a 12 week programme…. 

If you're not willing to accept that, please DO NOT GET THIS BOOK. With that said … let me jump right in and show you…

Here's Exactly What You’re getting...

This is dramatically different from anything you've ever read because it's more of a "Blue print" for feeling younger and staying functionally fit after 50, while leveraging a solid mindet to be successful for the long term….

It’s a book for massive success and more than a traditional "fitness and diet book". 

The reason why is because there's no fluff or filler. It immediately gets down to brass tacks, showing you exactly what to do, how to do it, and why.  

Plus, it's easy to read...  

At just under 300 pages, you can read it in a weekend...

And you'll immediately "get" the entire methodology Alex and I use personally used to create some of the most successful anti-aging, exercise and nutritional programmes out there. 

Here's just a fraction of what's inside and what it might mean for your health....

Knowledge is Power and This is The Best News Ever..

You can literally reverse the aging process, and nobody is really talking about it....How?

It’s Telomeres….The little spoken about caps on your chromosomes that shorten over time and are responsible for the aging process.

So if you lead an unhealthy lifestyle the shortening happens fasterMaking you older and older

Don’t believe me? Google this question ‘What is a Telomere’ once you’ve read this letter..

But to influence this Temomere shortening, all you have to do is make some small shifts in your lifestyle and you can actually prevent this shortening and even make them longer….

Supressing the time you could potentially suffer from age related issues...(The Term is Compressed Morbidity)

So that you can stay feeling younger and more functional for longer…meaning you can live independently..

We Have a Break-through Weight-Loss Tactic...

For losing your weight long term. 

Knowing portion sizes and how many calories you need for your body type is critical for success, but very few people do this, because it takes a small amount of time and effort..

But this 'can't be bothered' mind-set is counterproductive and sets you up for a roller coaster of yo yo dieting and painful deprivation.

The method in this book, I believe is 100% easier than the "normal" methods everyone else does.  You know, all the fads like Keto and No carb, super low calorie..

You'll get a crystal clear understanding of how to do this on on PAGE……


You Can Now Plug Your Ears...

You're being fed terrible mis-information by the media and these "come lately" FIT PRO’s and EXPERTS and their shiny objects.

There are only three proven steps to sustainable health, and they work together in perfect synergy when applied in the right order. 

During this Book, you'll get the exact 3-part equation for a healthy life that drives this entire system.

You'll instantly understand it so you can apply it to your lifestyle today.

Implement them, and you might completely dominate your health ...catapulting your fitness and outliving your friends and colleagues while they're left scratching their heads in wonder by how young, slim and fit you are!

Ignite The Fire Within...Actually Your Metabolism...

Learn the things you can do IMMEDIATELY to ignite your metabolism, without spending money on crazy diets and supplements and without sending yourself insane! It's AMAZING how easy this is to do..

You Actually Save Money...and You'll Be Happier..

There's an amazing psychological effect that comes with being functionally fit and you don’t have to spend $1000’s on Personal Trainers and Fad diets to experience it.

This one book alone can literally alter the course of your health...transforming you into an ultra-young 50, 60 or 70 something person who who has a ton of energy and a luster for life

The Cardio Myth Every Fitness Professional Knows...

Everybody Knows You're supposed to do cardio to get fit, right?....Wrong! 

Our clients never use excessive cardio... and they are getting better results than ever!  

See what we doing differently - and how you can use the same method.

I’m going to teach you what exercises to choose after 50 to slow and reverse the age related muscle decline and how to structure those exercises for maximum effect. 

Plus you'll also discover …

  • How some people age 3 times faster than others.
  • How to reverse the age related energy drain
  • How to adapt to your environment when you are out of your normal routine. 

But that's not all... 


As much as people like to complicate the process of health and fitness, especially for the older demographic and thats because there is so much money to be made..

Health and Fitnes really isn’t that complicated…

And aside from understanding the aging process here are the steps…

  • Step 1: Build a Rock Solid Mind-set
  • Step 2: Eat right
  • Step 3: Exercise the right way.  

Getting Healthy Should Be Easy...

You see everybody thinks Steps 2 & 3 are hard… You eat veges, and avoid fast food and alcohol and exercise the right way.. 

You’d think you can do this  in your sleep…… But we both know motivation can soon dwindle…

The key is to  turn these steps into habits so you no longer rely on motivation but you leverage the power of new habits...

So you can do these steps over and over again, without even thinking about it… 

And thats where Step 1 comes into play! 

There's a System For It And in addition to this book, you're also getting a complete walkthrough of exactly how that system works ...and how you can start implementing it immediately.  

A FREE Web class that supports the book to help you understand things better! 

So Here's What To Do Next...

The "cost" of this book is $45, but we won’t charge you that

In fact you get this book for FREE all you need to do is pay $9.99 shipping and handling.

There Is No Catch...

We know there are some fitness professionals out there that offer you a great deal on something but then they stick you in some program that charges your card every month. 

This isn't one of them. There's NO hidden "continuity program" you have to try ...or anything even remotely like that.  

We’re giving you this entire book at cost, as a means of "putting our best foot forward" and demonstrating real value and to genuinely help you… 

Our hope is that you'll love it and this will be the start of a good relationship for years to come. 

With that said, there is ONE thing to keep in mind:   

Time Is Of The Essence...

Here's why. We take a loss by selling you this book at this price

The reason why is because it costs me $33.04 in print and advertising costs to sell ONE book.   

So why would we do that?  Simple...   

We want to create a great impression on you so that one day you might do business with us again and join one of the Growing Younger Programmes.. 

Yes, we have other products and services that you might be interested in. 

  • The Growing Younger Programme - A Strategy for healthy Aging
  • The GY - Flexibility and Mobility Programme - Stopping Joint Stiffness in Just 15 minutes Per Day 3 Times Per Week.
  • The GY Nutrition Blue Print - A Complete Online Nutrition Course

I’m hedging my bets that you’ll enjoy the book so much, you’ll ask to work with us….Pretty straight forward really. 

Oh One More Thing...

f you live in Auckland we are offering you a FREE Personal Training Session and Nutrition Consultation with Gavyn and a Free Discover Your Inner Youth Session with Alex, so that we can find our your biological age. Worth $300


If you live in Any Other Part Of The World - We can actually to the above things via a web call...Technology is amazing these days...

So Get The book is great and you'll get everything you need from it.  

So yes... You Really Are Getting This Book, the Training And The consultations For Just $9.99... 

However, There Are Only 200 Books Available... this price… so you need to claim your copy now...there are only so many we can do for this price…

Otherwise we’d go bankrupt… 

And by the way, even though you're paying a ridiculously low price - you're still protected by …

The Boldest Guarantee In The World...

We 100% Guarantee you'll love this book, the consultations and the webclass..

But if you don’t we'll return your $9.99 let you keep the book and the video training anyway.  

Just email me or call the number on your receipt and I'll give you back your $9.99 with no questions asked. 

How's that for fair? This Is Truly A Limited Offer So Claim Your Copy Now Before They're All Gone 

Gavyn & Alex

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Here's What Our Customers Have To Say...

"I have been on the Growing Younger Programme for the past 24 months, and simply I couldn’t have achieved my weight loss of 45kgs and fitness goals without the dedication, motivation and encouragement of the Growing Yonger Team and I no longer take blood pressure or Cholesterol Tablets. Gavyn is a very experienced and committed Personal Trainer and he enjoys watching his clients reach their personal health and fitness goals. He is also very knowledgeable and experienced in Nutrition. His blogs/videos are informative and educational – inspiring his clients to eat and live a healthier life" - Penny

'So there I was 67 years old, 117 kgs+, minor heart condition and blood pressure medication, hadn’t trained or done any formal exercise in 20 years and decided it was time to do something about it if I wanted to enjoy life for a lot longer. What followed was a full assessment with Gavyn and associate Physiotherapist Alex to ensure all was well to train and to have the programme designed for me especially. Gavyn introduced me to a nutrition control system, something I had never seen or considered before. It was not a diet as such, more a knowledge tool and self-administered food regime, which is fun and easy. I now weigh 104.5 kgs, my biological statistics have improved dramatically, both my doctor and cardiologist are thrilled with the progress (so is Gavyn, he get’s genuine pleasure from his trainees doing well). We are half way to my 90kg goal and I know with Gavyn’s support I can make it.' - Terry

"I was going to the gym regularly doing my own thing.  I set myself what I thought was this amazing 101 exercises for my tummy, butt and thighs.   I had recently lost both of my parents in quick succession to cancer.  I was feeling relatively low in spirit, depressed and a bit lost.  My parents suffered a multitude of health problems and I was concerned not to follow in their footsteps.   I wanted assistance with nutrition that I could use going forward for me and my family. I have got so much more than I could ever have expected.  Cooking for the family is easy with the knowledge I have learnt from Gavyn.  Gavyn helped set some new goals going forward for health, nutrition and general well being.   I became obsessed with Gavyn’s Trainerize mobile app.  I wanted to know my results from each training session so I could improve on them next time.  I could graph my consistency and improvements. Seeing my personal best results in front of me gave me extra drive, and results happened fairly quickly.  Weight was moving and centimetres shifting with" - Nicola

Just over 3 years ago I had a bad accident. I managed to rupture the quadriceps tendon on both knees which took about 2 years to recover from. During that time I put on weight and lost a lot of fitness. I had played senior croquet at a high level and did a lot of walking, competing in several 10 km walk races, so I had been fit but lost it all. At that time I was over 83 Kgs and am about 176 cms in height and am 73 years old.

I read about Alex and Gavyn on Facebook and about their Growing Younger programme. I was sceptical but curious and when I read about a free seminar just up the road from where I lived, I thought what harm can it do, so I went along. I later went through an initial assessment with Alex and what he showed me surprised and concerned me. It was obvious that if I didn't make some changes, there may have been some worrying times ahead regarding my health and quality of life. So I started the course.

It seems to me that what Alex and Gavyn said at the first meeting is quite true. Follow what they say and you will lose weight, get healthier and be biologically younger.
My advice to anyone starting the programme is to start slowly and gradually progress, take it easy and don't rush. In time you will get the results you want. 

I am impressed with the way they confer with each other and discuss their client's progress. I had a little niggle and Alex was on the phone with advice and Gavyn dropped some exercises but added others to make sure the niggle wasn't aggravated. Well done guys, I know I'm in good hands when that happens. - Malcolm Cawley

I was lucky enough to discover Gavyn around 4 years ago. He worked with me with infinite patience and encouragement. I am well into my 60’s and with Gavyn’s help found myself not only achieving, but actually enjoying lifting weights. I lost weight, and gained strength, confidence and better health through workouts and perseverance. Highly recommend Gavyn and Alex - Robyn Parton

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